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World of Discovery Level C Set 3 cover

The World of Discovery Collection is a specially curated selection of children's books that focus on discovering Asia and discovering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Under the guidance of Dr Ruth Y L Wong, these books aim to promote reading for pleasure, while exciting kids through discovery. With 51 books in this inaugural batch, and with more to come, the books are divided into three levels depending on the child's reading ability: A (Achieving), B (Blooming) and C (Confident). Level C Set 3 features seven titles, exploring themes of science, imagination, nature and global stories.

Intended outcomes of Level C include teaching children to be able to:

  • point to the words as they are read aloud
  • sound out at least 90% of the words
  • read longer sentences and longer texts
  • enjoy being read to
  • engage in independent reading

Each book includes a story-based activity at the end of the books to help parents and educators get children to engage with the story.

Includes these 7 titles:

  1. Advances in Alchemy (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old boy, Frank Epperson, by accident? Or that caffeine was discovered by a chemist nicknamed Dr Poison? Read about them and other startling discoveries in the fields of Chemistry and Biology!

  2. Breakers of Barriers (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that Blaise Pascal became one of the first inventors of the mechanical calculator while trying to help his father with his work? Or that Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist, found a cure for malaria by reading ancient Chinese medical texts and then using herself as a human test subject? Read about them and other stunning stories of people who made history after overcoming many barriers!

  3. Fabulous Physics (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that Marie Curie, who discovered radioactivity, started off as a domestic helper looking after a farmer's children? Or that Michael Faraday, inventor of the electric motor, taught himself science while working in a small bookshop? Read about them and other amazing people who solved puzzles related to Physics!

  4. Magical Mathematics (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that Carl Gauss, a German mathematician, used mathematics to find his own date of birth? Or that Maria Agnesi, the first woman to be appointed a mathematics professor at a university, could speak 7 languages at the age of 13? Read about them and other astonishing stories of people who were magical with numbers!

  5. Scientific Pioneers (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that Al-Haytham, one of the originators of the scientific method, pretended to be a lunatic to get himself locked up? Or that Carl Linnaeus, famous for his classification system for living things, once preferred exploring forests to reading books? Read about them and other incredible people who helped develop the scientific method!

  6. Women of Discovery (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was partly built based on the calculations of Sophie Germain, a French mathematician? Or that one of the world's greatest bug scientist was a woman named Maria Merian? Read about them and other fabulous females who made significant contributions to science!

  7. Secrets in the Rocks (The Young Scientists series)
    Did you know that Georges Cuvier, the father of the dinosaur world, loved sketching flowers and animals? Or that Louis Aggasiz, discoverer of the Ice Age, kept a live tree full of birds and bugs in his bedroom? Read about them and other astounding tales of people who uncovered secrets in the rocks and solved the mysteries beneath our feet!

Sample Chapter(s)
Book Sample – World of Discovery Level C Set 3

Readership: Children from 3–8 years old.