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Adaptive Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems cover

In this book, we collected recent results on the control of underactuated mechanical systems subject to internal uncertainties and external disturbances. The strategy developed is so universal that it is not restricted to a specific system but a large class of underactuated systems. Several benchmark systems are studied in this book, including detailed literature review, system dynamics derivation, control problem formulation, and simulation verification. The control strategy developed in chapter 4 is able to stabilize all these benchmark systems with satisfactory performance regardless of the underactuated dynamics and various uncertainties.

The book is written as a text suitable for graduate students in the advanced course for the control of underactuated systems. It also provides valuable tools for researchers and practicing engineers working on the control of underactuated mechanical systems.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Introduction (113 KB)

  • Introduction
  • Preliminaries
  • Underactuated System Dynamics and Coordinate Transformation
  • Controller Design
  • Cart Pole System
  • Overhead Cranes
  • TORA System
  • Rotary Inverted Pendulum
  • Vibration Absorber
  • Pendubot
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Readership: Graduate students, researchers, and academics in control engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, and optimization and control theory.
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  • Pages:i–x

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Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Pages:1–12

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Chapter 2: Preliminaries
  • Pages:13–76

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Chapter 3: Underactuated System Dynamics and Coordinate Transformation
  • Pages:77–99

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Chapter 4: Controller Design
  • Pages:100–120

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Chapter 5: Cart Pole System
  • Pages:121–132

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Chapter 6: Overhead Crane
  • Pages:133–146

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Chapter 7: TORA System
  • Pages:147–158

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Chapter 8: Rotary Inverted Pendulum
  • Pages:159–170

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Chapter 9: Vibration Absorber
  • Pages:171–188

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Chapter 10: Pendubot
  • Pages:189–200

Free Access
  • Pages:201–218