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The Beauty of Physics cover

This book is a labor of love for Dr Wu Weimin whose favorite photography subjects are ordinary events which capture the heart of the common folks. The cameras Dr Wu uses may not be the most sophisticated but the images he has taken are truly striking. His award-winning collections of photographs are very well received worldwide.

The introduction written by Dr Rick Vidal of Fermilab was endorsed by Dr Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate in Physics (1988).

Being a physicist by training, Dr Wu was among the pioneer scientists who helped to develop China's first atomic bomb and to launch its first satellite. He also participated in building the first Chinese electron-positron collider. Another extraordinary feat is that he sent out the very first e-mail from China on 25 August 1986.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: The Person Who Sent Out the First e-mail from China: The Scientific Career of Weimin Wu (159 KB)

  • Dedication
  • Flowers
  • Landscape
  • People
  • Beauty of Physics

Readership: Physicists, photographers, journalists and lay people.

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  • Pages:I–XII

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The Person Who Sent Out the First e-mail from China: The Scientific Career of Weimin Wu
  • Pages:4–16

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My Picture Stories
  • Pages:17–30

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  • Pages:31–37

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Beauty of Physics
  • Pages:119–145

“In today's world of specializations, it is a joy to celebrate the work of a real Renaissance man.”
Sally Alderson
British journalist

“This collection is about his search, for physics, for beauty, for beauty in physics, and also a voyage through memories.”
Nicola Cabibbo
Pontifical Academy of Sciences

“These wonderful photos show the beauty and harmony of Nature and Physics.”
Hesheng Chen
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing

“He always had an eye for beauty, whether in nature or in the artworks of man.”
Michel Davier
Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay

“His lambent photography is informed by a refined sense of aesthetics deeply grounded within his cultural framework.”
Dan Green

“The photographs of Weimin Wu should forever put to rest the idea that scientific ability and artistic aesthetics are mutually exclusive.”
Rocky Kolb
University of Chicago

“We eyewitness a clear example that success needs both artistic enthusiasm and scientific persistence,i.e., passion plus patience.”
Ni Guangjiong
Fudan University, Shanghai

“I do admire your photographic skills. One of the photos you gave me some decades ago still graces our walls.”
Jack Steinberger
Nobel Laureate in Physics (1988)

“The context of his photographs may be the natural world he loves, but his expression is singularly artistic and creative.”
Richard A Vidal

“I am in complete agreement with Dr Vidal's statement.”
Leon Lederman
Nobel Laureate in Physics (1988)

“Feynman diagram uses lines, arrows, loops and boxes to express extremely complex physics processes. Weimin's photos are a successful attempt to combine the art of imagery and physics.”
Saulan Wu
University of Wisconsin, Madison

“I hope readers will discover how beautiful physics is, and a physicist can at the same time be also an artist.”
Minghan Ye
China Center of Advanced Science and Technology

“Those wondrous and spectacular images are sure to entice the curious minds.”
Guangsheng Zhang
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank