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Quantum Chromodynamics cover

  • Basic Concepts and Consequences of Stochastic Vacuum Model (H G Dosch)
  • Variational Approximations for Correlation Functions in Quantum Field Theories (C Martin)
  • SU(2) Gauge Theory in Covariant (Maximal) Abelian Gauges (M Schaden)
  • The Vacuum Wave Function in Supersymmetric Matrix Theory (C M Sommerfield)
  • HERA Results on Elastic Hadronic and Sub-Hadronic Diffraction (G Knies)
  • Deriving Effective Transport Equations for Non-Abelian Plasmas (D F Litim)
  • Aspects of Non-Commutativity in ADS/CFT (A Jevicki)
  • Thermal Field Theory in Equilibrium (J O Andersen)
  • Puzzling Aspects of Hot Quantum Fields (T Grandou)
  • DIS Results from HERA (C M Ginsburg)
  • Electroproduction of Vector Mesons (T Teubner)
  • New Developments in Cosmology (J W Moffat)
  • Heavy-Light Physics from Lattice NRQCD (T Onogi)
  • Non-Relativistic Effective Theory for Perturbative Heavy Quark-Antiquark Systems (A H Hoang)
  • The Spin Dependence of Swift Proton Collisions (N H Buttimore)
  • Numerical Investigation of Domain-Wall QCD on CP-PACS (S Aoki)
  • When is It Possible to Use Perturbation Technique in Field Theory? (T N Truong)
  • and other papers

Readership: Researchers in high energy physics.
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QUANTUM CHROMODYNAMICS: Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop
  • Pages:1–397