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Communications in Contemporary Mathematics cover

Volume 18, Issue 05 (October 2016)

No Access
Trudinger–Moser inequality on the whole plane and extremal functions
  • 1550054

No Access
Asymptotic analysis and domain decomposition for a biharmonic problem in a thin multi-structure
  • 1550057

No Access
Tempered exponential dichotomies and Lyapunov exponents for perturbations
  • 1550058

No Access
On the spin-1 Bose–Einstein condensates in the presence of Ioffe–Pritchard magnetic field
  • 1550062

No Access
Weighted Hardy–Littlewood–Sobolev inequalities on the upper half space
  • 1550067

No Access
Time-dependent singularities in a semilinear parabolic equation with absorption
  • 1550077

No Access
General weak limit for Kähler–Ricci flow
  • 1550079

No Access
Fusion categories via string diagrams
  • 1550080

No Access
Green kernel for a random Schrödinger operator
  • 1550082

No Access
Entropy and rotation sets: A toy model approach
  • 1550083

No Access
Symmetry breaking and Morse index of solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems in the plane
  • 1550087

No Access
Admissible initial growth for diffusion equations with weakly superlinear absorption
  • 1550089

No Access
New estimates for the Hardy constants of multipolar Schrödinger operators
  • 1550093

No Access
On stable solutions of the fractional Hénon–Lane–Emden equation
  • 1650005

No Access
Existence and non-existence results for minimizers of the Ginzburg–Landau energy with prescribed degrees
  • 1650017