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Articles in this section are in the final version. Please cite the article using the DOI number.

No Access
An Optimal Computing Allocation Strategy for Swarm-Based Algorithm in Simulation-Based Optimization Problem with Stochastic Constraint
  • 2440002

No Access
An Orthonormalization-Free and Inversion-Free Algorithm for Online Estimation of Principal Eigenspace
  • 2450001

No Access
Strategic Technology Innovation of a Basic Product in an E-Commerce Platform Supply Chain with a Potential Entrant in a Complementary Goods Market
  • 2440001

No Access
The Minmax Regret Scheduling-Location Problem on Trees with Interval-Data Edge Lengths
  • 2450002

No Access
No-Idle Flow Shop Scheduling with Deteriorating Jobs and Common Due Date Under Dominating Machines
  • 2450003

No Access
Unification of Higher-Order Dual Programs Over Cones
  • 2350042

No Access
Online Portfolio Selection Strategy with Side Information Based on Learning with Expert Advice
  • 2350041

No Access
Research on Multiple Slack Due-Date Assignments Scheduling with Position-Dependent Weights
  • 2350039

No Access
Mathematical Models and Optimal Algorithms for Lot Scheduling Considering Job Splitting and Due Dates in Green Logistics
  • 2350040

No Access
Global Robust Newsvendor Operation Strategy for a Two-Market Stochastic Inventory System
  • 2350038

No Access
Logistics Service Openness Strategy of Online Platforms with Vertical Differentiation and Endogenous Service Level
  • 2340022

No Access
Optimality Conditions in Uncertain Multi-Objective Optimization Problems with a Variable Domination Structure
  • 2350031

No Access
A Novel Affine Relaxation-Based Algorithm for Minimax Affine Fractional Program
  • 2350036

No Access
Nested Simulation for Conditional Value-at-Risk with Discrete Losses
  • 2350037

No Access
Implications of Refurbishing Authorization Strategy and Distribution Channel Choice in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain
  • 2350033

No Access
Competitive Influence Maximization with Uncertain Competitor Sources and the Bandwagon Effect in Social Networks
  • 2350034

No Access
Optimality Conditions and Gradient Descent Newton Pursuit for 0/1-Loss and Sparsity Constrained Optimization
  • 2350035

No Access
Improved Accelerated Gradient Algorithms with Line Search for Smooth Convex Optimization Problems
  • 2350030

No Access
On Proper Separation Theorems by Means of the Quasi-Relative Interior with Applications
  • 2350032

No Access
Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers with Convex Combination Proximal Centers
  • 2350029

No Access
An Accelerated Double-Proximal Gradient Algorithm for DC Programming
  • 2350028

No Access
An Inexact Semismooth Newton-Based Augmented Lagrangian Algorithm for Multi-Task Lasso Problems
  • 2350027

No Access
Controllable Processing Time Scheduling with Total Weighted Completion Time Objective and Deteriorating Jobs
  • 2350026

No Access
An Active-Set-Based Recursive Approach for Solving Convex Isotonic Regression with Generalized Order Restrictions
  • 2350025

No Access
Comparison of Expected Distances in Traditional and Non-Traditional Layouts
  • 2350024

No Access
Minimizing Total Weighted Late Work in a Proportionate Flow Shop with Job Rejection
  • 2350023

No Access
An ADMM Approach of a Nonconvex and Nonsmooth Optimization Model for Low-Light or Inhomogeneous Image Segmentation
  • 2350021

No Access
Correlated Queues with Inter-Arrival Times Depending on Service Times
  • 2350022