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Special Issue on Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Materials, Part 1; Guest Editor: Mourad Chérif (Université Paris 13, France)No Access

Resonant and Switching Fields for a Weakly Coupled Magnetic Tunnel Junction System

    The ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) and the magnetization switching fields have been analytically determined for weakly coupled Magnetic Tunnel Junction or spin valve systems. Such systems consist of an antiferromagnetic (AF) and two ferromagnetic (F) thin films separated by a nonmagnetic one. Both bilinear J1 and biquadratic J2 coupling parameters are used to describe the interlayer exchange coupling, while the exchange anisotropy field HE characterizes the interfacial (F/AF) interaction. It will be shown how J1, J2, HE and the in-plane anisotropy fields can be derived for the experimental measure of the FMR field and the different magnetization switching fields.


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