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Special Issue: Selected Papers from the First IEEE International Conference Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR 2018) and 20th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM 2018); Guest Editors: C.-M. Chang and R. S. AygunNo Access

Efficient Live and On-Demand Tiled HEVC 360 VR Video Streaming

    360 panorama video displayed through Virtual Reality (VR) glasses or large screens offers immersive user experiences, but as such technology becomes commonplace, the need for efficient streaming methods of such high-bitrate videos arises. In this respect, the attention that 360 panorama video has received lately is huge. Many methods have already been proposed, and in this paper, we shed more light on the different trade-offs in order to save bandwidth while preserving the video quality in the user’s field-of-view (FoV). Using 360 VR content delivered to a Gear VR head-mounted display with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and to a Huawei Q22 set-top-box, we have tested various tiling schemes analyzing the tile layout, the tiling and encoding overheads, mechanisms for faster quality switching beyond the DASH segment boundaries and quality selection configurations. In this paper, we present an efficient end-to-end design and real-world implementation of such a 360 streaming system. Furthermore, in addition to researching an on-demand system, we also go beyond the existing on-demand solutions and present a live streaming system which strikes a trade-off between bandwidth usage and the video quality in the user’s FoV. We have created an architecture that combines RTP and DASH, and our system multiplexes a single HEVC hardware decoder to provide faster quality switching than at the traditional GOP boundaries. We demonstrate the performance and illustrate the trade-offs through real-world experiments where we can report comparable bandwidth savings to existing on-demand approaches, but with faster quality switches when the FoV changes.


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