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Synthesis, structures and reduction chemistry of monophthalocyanine scandium hydroxides

    The preparation and structural characterization of a pair of scandium(III) phthalocyanine hydroxide complexes were achieved by reaction of PcScCl with alkali metal alkoxides, likely via hydrolysis of soluble PcSc-alkoxide intermediates. A Sc2Li2(μ3-OH)4 cubane supported by two distorted Pc rings of the form (PcSc)2(μ3-OH)4Li2(THF)(DME) was isolated from the reaction of PcScCl with LiOiPr, while a simpler alkali-metal-free [Pc2Sc2(μ2-OH)2(THF)] was obtained from addition of NaOtBu; both structures are reminiscent of bent metallocenes, with dihedral angles between the two Pc rings of 50.8 and 37.7respectively. A soluble PcScOH material can also be obtained directly via hydrolysis of insoluble PcScCl in approximately 95:5 THF:water. Reduction of the Pc ring of PcScCl using KC8 is reversible and generates Pc3- and Pc4--containing materials that were characterized via UV-vis spectroscopy and, where appropriate EPR and 1H NMR spectroscopy; analogous reductions of the PcScOH-based species were irreversible. Exposure of the air-sensitive, reduced PcScCl-based species to ambient atmosphere generated PcScOH materials analogous to the direct hydrolysis route.

    This paper is part of the 2019 Women in Porphyrin Science special issue.


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