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Special Issue: Selected Papers from InCoB2016; Guest Editors: C. Verma and P. Bond; Regular Papers: Research PapersNo Access

phraSED-ML: A paraphrased, human-readable adaptation of SED-ML by:9 (Source: Crossref)

    Motivation: Model simulation exchange has been standardized with the Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language (SED-ML), but specialized software is needed to generate simulations in this format. Text-based languages allow researchers to create and modify experimental protocols quickly and easily, and export them to a common machine-readable format. Results: phraSED-ML language allows modelers to use simple text commands to encode various elements of SED-ML (models, tasks, simulations, and results) in a format easy to read and modify. The library can translate this script to SED-ML for use in other softwares. Availability: phraSED-ML language specification, libphrasedml library, and source code are available under BSD license from


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