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On Auslander’s formula and cohereditary torsion pairs by:3 (Source: Crossref)

    For a small abelian category C, Auslander’s formula allows us to express C as a quotient of the category modC of coherent functors on C. We consider an abelian category with the added structure of a cohereditary torsion pair τ=(𝒯,). We prove versions of Auslander’s formula for the torsion-free class of C, for the derived torsion-free class Db() of the triangulated category Db(C) as well as the induced torsion-free class in the ind-category IndC of C. Further, for a given regular cardinal α, we also consider the category modαC of α-presentable objects in the functor category Fun(Cop,Ab). Then, under certain conditions, we show that the torsion-free class can be recovered as a subquotient of modαC.

    AMSC: 18E30, 18E40


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