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Special Issue — Selected Papers from the 25th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation; Guest Editors: C. Knauer and M. SmidOpen Access

Planar Matchings for Weighted Straight Skeletons

    We introduce planar matchings on directed pseudo-line arrangements, which yield a planar set of pseudo-line segments such that only matching-partners are adjacent. By translating the planar matching problem into a corresponding stable roommates problem we show that such matchings always exist.

    Using our new framework, we establish, for the first time, a complete, rigorous definition of weighted straight skeletons, which are based on a so-called wavefront propagation process. We present a generalized and unified approach to treat structural changes in the wavefront that focuses on the restoration of weak planarity by finding planar matchings.

    A preliminary version appeared at ISAAC’14.

    Communicated by Christian Knauer, Guest Editor


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