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SPECIAL ISSUE: Advanced Materials and Their Processing TechnologyNo Access

Preparation and property of duplex NiBTiO2/Ni nano-composite coatings by:11 (Source: Crossref)

    The duplex Nickel–Boron–Titania/Nickel (NiBTiO2/Ni) coatings were deposited on mild steel by using two baths with Ni as the inner layer. TiO2 nanoparticles were incorporated into the NiB coatings as the outer layer by using solid particle mixing method. The microstructure, morphology and corrosion resistance of the duplex NiBTiO2/Ni nanocomposite coatings were systemically investigated. The results show that the duplex interface was uniform and the adhesion between two layers was very good. The microhardness of duplex NiBTiO2/Ni coating was much higher than the Ni coating due to the outer layer of NiBTiO2 coating. The corrosion resistance of the duplex NiBTiO2/Ni coating was also significantly improved comparing with single NiB coating. The NiB–10 g/L TiO2/Ni coating was found to have the best corrosion resistance among these duplex coatings. This type of duplex NiBTiO2/Ni coating, with high hardness and good corrosion resistance properties, should be able to find broad applications under adverse environmental conditions.


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