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Covering dimension of Cuntz semigroups II

    We show that the dimension of the Cuntz semigroup of a C-algebra is determined by the dimensions of the Cuntz semigroups of its separable sub-C-algebras. This allows us to remove separability assumptions from previous results on the dimension of Cuntz semigroups.

    To obtain these results, we introduce a notion of approximation for abstract Cuntz semigroups that is compatible with the approximation of a C-algebra by sub-C-algebras. We show that many properties for Cuntz semigroups are preserved by approximation and satisfy a Löwenheim–Skolem condition.

    Communicated by Yasuyuki Kawahigashi

    AMSC: Primary: 46L05, Primary: 46L85, Secondary: 54F45, Secondary: 55M10, Secondary: 46M20


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