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Linear Orders and Categoricity Spectra by:2 (Source: Crossref)

    We study effective categoricity for computable linear orders. The categoricity spectrum of a computable structure S is the set of all Turing degrees capable of computing isomorphisms among arbitrary computable presentations of S. The degree of categoricity for S is the least degree in this spectrum. The degree of categoricity d is strong if there are two computable copies of S such that any isomorphism between the copies computes d.

    We give a new series of computable linear orders with no degree of categoricity: for every computable successor ordinal α ≥ 4, the set of PA degrees over 0(α) is the categoricity spectrum for a scattered linear order. We also build the first examples of linear orders with non-strong degrees of categoricity: If α is a computable infinite ordinal, then there is a scattered linear order such that it is Δα+20 categorical, not Δα0 categorical, and has non-strong degree of categoricity.