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Chapter 2: Gandhian Sentimental Cosmopolitanism: “Emotion” as a Variable in International Relations by:0 (Source: Crossref)

    The past decades have witnessed the rise of normative theorising in International Relations (IR) scholarship with cosmopolitanism emerging as one hegemonic response. However, the IR literature has been so far dominated by Euro-centric philosophies, especially Kantian, and highly grounded in reason and rationality. More recent drifts in IR have foregrounded emotions as a crucial IR variable. In this backdrop, this chapter explores the Indian variant of a rooted sentimental cosmopolitan world order inherent in the Gandhian philosophy. While there is adequate literature on the Gandhian world order, there has been scant focus on the sentimental or emotional core of his vision which is forged on ahimsa and translates to unconditional love which involves a complex range of affective processes, resulting in various cosmopolitan principles like an ethic of duty and equality to fellow citizens as well as a sense of trusteeship between rich and poor nations among others. Besides highlighting how this qualifies as a sentimental cosmopolitan vision from the Global South, the later section of the chapter draws upon contemporary IR research on the circulation of affect and individual transformation to highlight how this world order can be realised. Besides, serving as a possible panacea to the current global landscape characterised by increasing inwardness and coercive manifestations of practical cosmopolitanism, this work seeks to expand a research agenda to uncover and foreground other emotional cosmopolitan visions from the Global South and India, in particular.