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Symmetric extreme multistability and memristor initial-offset boosting in a new 5D four-wing hyperchaotic system based on dual memristors by:1 (Source: Crossref)

    Based on a 5D two-wing hyperchaotic system with dual memristors, a new unified 5D four-wing hyperchaotic system based on dual memristors is proposed, which has four cases and can exhibit three different structures of four-wing attractors. This paper studies the dynamic behaviors of one of these cases by the phase diagrams, bifurcation diagrams, Lyapunov exponents, etc. Of particular surprise, this system has a space equilibrium and can exhibit the two groups of extreme multistability phenomenon of symmetric distribution about the origin. In addition, the striking and complex memristor initial boosting behaviors are investigated in this paper, which shows that the interesting phenomenon is nonlinear and different attractor structures with four-wing and two-wing. When a single parameter is changed, the initial boosting behavior has obvious changes, indicating the memristive initial conditions and parameters have an important influence on the position shift of the attractors. Finally, the new four-wing system is realized by Multisim circuit simulation, which verifies the feasibility of the new system.


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