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new reviews

  • Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future


    Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future
    by Dinesh Kumar Srivastava & V S Ramamurthy

    "The authors analyse solutions offered by science and technology with a clarity that will likely surpass the expectations of non-expert readers. Following a pedagogical approach with vivid illustrations, the book offers an in-depth description of how each green-energy option could be integrated into a global-energy strategy ... They stress that any solution should not compromise quality of life or development opportunities in developing countries. This book could not be more timely. It is an invaluable resource for scientists, policymakers and educators."

    CERN Courier

    Ethics of Chemistry


    Ethics of Chemistry
    From Poison Gas to Climate Engineering
    edited by Joachim Schummer & Tom Børsen

    "Overall, this collection of case studies provides an outstanding starting point for understanding the ethics of chemistry. It is an extremely important contribution to the study of chemical ethics … Ethics of Chemistry is a key resource for educators interested in integrating ethics instruction into their chemistry curricula … an important foundation for equipping students with the moral judgement and analytical skills necessary to contend with the ethical issues they are likely to face in their professional lives."

    Nature Chemistry

    A Day at CERN


    A Day at CERN
    Guided Tour Through the Heart of Particle Physics
    by Gautier Depambour

    "This brief book offers an interesting, fun, and widely accessible first-person tour of CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The facilities at CERN include the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27-kilometer particle accelerator that straddles the border between Switzerland and France. The LHC was famously used to discover the Higgs boson, a long-sought fundamental particle. Physics historian Depambour (University of Paris) is enthusiastic about all aspects of CERN, especially its role as an agent for peace and international cooperation..."


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Featured Special Issues

  • Advances in Complex Systems Special issue: Success in Science

    Guest Editors: Luca Verginer, Giacomo Vaccario and Alexander M. Petersen

    Science represents a significant human achievement and has been a force for technological and societal change. It is also a complex social enterprise with many interacting stakeholders, which has given rise to a complex academic ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, scientists, universities, funding bodies, publishers, governments and many more interact to support its advancement. It is necessary to look at science through the scientific lens to help these stakeholders understand, shape and guide the development of this system. The present Topical Issue looks precisely at this meta-science, more commonly known as the "science of science"

    Journal of Interconnection Networks Special Issue on Connectivity and Its Applications — Part I

    Guest Editor: Yaping Mao

    Connectivity and edge-connectivity are two of the most basic concepts of graph-theoretic subjects, both in combinatorial sense and the algorithmic sense. Menger theorem shows two nice equivalent concepts of classical (edge-)connectivity. Although there are many elegant and powerful results on connectivity and edge-connectivity in graph theory, the two classical concepts cannot be satisfied considerably in practical uses. So people tried to generalize these concepts for different purposes. This special issue starts with a survey of this topic written by Yuefang Sun and Gregory Gutin. There are twenty papers in this special issue related to connectivity and edge-connectivity.

    Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology A Special Selection on Biomechanical Applications in Medical Science (Part I and Part II) OPEN ACCESS

    Guest Editors: Esteban Peña Pitarch and Eddie Y. K. Ng

    This special selection on Biomechanical Applications in Medical Science presents the ongoing and active research in Biomechanics area. The overall goal is to summarize recent discoveries and groundbreaking studies that will account for new challenge research in the broad and relevant area of Biomechanics used for medical science. The 48 papers in Part I and Part II is a continuous effort in promoting the biomechanical application in medical diagnosis and treatment including rehabilitation engineering, finite element modeling, and biofluid mechanics, etc. in conjunction with Biomedical Imaging