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  • A Graduate Course in Probability

    by Liviu I Nicolaescu

    Unilateral Variational Analysis in Banach Spaces

    (In 2 Parts)
    by Lionel Thibault

    About the Biggest, the Smallest, and Everything Else

    Travelling Through the Universe with a Physicist Guide
    by Serge Parnovsky

    Brave New e-World

    (In 2 Volumes)
    by Michael Gurvitch

    Sakharov and Power

    On the Other Side of the Window
    by Boris Altshuler

    Towards a Sustainable Arctic

    International Security, Climate Change and Green Shipping
    edited by Michael Goodsite & Niklas Swanström

    Fundamentals of Radiation Biology

    by Susan B Klein & Marc S Mendonca

    OSCEs Made Easy

    A Guide for Medical Students and Junior Doctors
    by Joshua Kapp, Beat Moeckli, Samuel Käser & Joe Rosenthal

    Uncertainty, Decision-Making and Team Work in High-tech Healthcare

    PERSON-SoulMindBody-HOOD & Relational Medicine
    by Federica Raia, Murray Kwon & Mario Deng

    Plastic Pollution in the Global Ocean

    edited by Alice A Horton

    Machine Learning with Python

    Theory and Applications
    by G R Liu

    Covid-19 New Normal

    edited by Linda Low & Yew Haur Lee

    FinTech Research and Applications

    Challenges and Opportunities
    edited by Daisy Chou, Conall O'Sullivan & Vassilios G Papavassiliou

    World Scientific Handbook of Global Migration

    (In 3 Volumes)
    edited by Robert M Sauer

    Mathematical Methods and Models in Composites

    2nd Edition
    edited by Vladislav Mantič

    Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Models

    Construction, Application and Development
    by Honghua Shi, Chengcheng Shen & Yongzhi Liu

    The World Scientific Reference of Water Science

    (In 3 Volumes)
    Editor-in-chief: Matthew Tirrell, edited by Matthew Tirrell, Junhong Chen & Yoram Cohen

    Emerging Technologies in Biophysical Sciences: A World Scientific Reference

    (In 3 Volumes)
    Editor-in-chief: Utkan Demirci, edited by Utkan Demirci, Rami El Assal, Pu Chen, Waseem Asghar, Fatih Inci & Shuqi Wang

    Uncovering the Science of COVID-19

    edited by Vincent T K Chow & Sunil K Lal

new reviews

  • Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future


    Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future
    by Dinesh Kumar Srivastava & V S Ramamurthy

    "The authors analyse solutions offered by science and technology with a clarity that will likely surpass the expectations of non-expert readers. Following a pedagogical approach with vivid illustrations, the book offers an in-depth description of how each green-energy option could be integrated into a global-energy strategy ... They stress that any solution should not compromise quality of life or development opportunities in developing countries. This book could not be more timely. It is an invaluable resource for scientists, policymakers and educators."

    CERN Courier

    Ethics of Chemistry


    Ethics of Chemistry
    From Poison Gas to Climate Engineering
    edited by Joachim Schummer & Tom Børsen

    "Overall, this collection of case studies provides an outstanding starting point for understanding the ethics of chemistry. It is an extremely important contribution to the study of chemical ethics … Ethics of Chemistry is a key resource for educators interested in integrating ethics instruction into their chemistry curricula … an important foundation for equipping students with the moral judgement and analytical skills necessary to contend with the ethical issues they are likely to face in their professional lives."

    Nature Chemistry

    A Day at CERN


    A Day at CERN
    Guided Tour Through the Heart of Particle Physics
    by Gautier Depambour

    "This brief book offers an interesting, fun, and widely accessible first-person tour of CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The facilities at CERN include the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27-kilometer particle accelerator that straddles the border between Switzerland and France. The LHC was famously used to discover the Higgs boson, a long-sought fundamental particle. Physics historian Depambour (University of Paris) is enthusiastic about all aspects of CERN, especially its role as an agent for peace and international cooperation..."


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Featured Special Issues

  • Special Issue on the Green Economic Recovery in the Post-COVID-19 Era

    Guest Editors: Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Naoyuki Yoshino, Muhammad Mohsin and Nawazish Mirza

    This special Issue collected eight empirical papers with practical policy implications on ways to achieve green economic recovery and mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the post-COVID-19 era. The collected papers provide new perspectives on ways to mitigate GHG emissions in the economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these eight papers makes a unique contribution to this debate.

    Special Issue: Networks, Heterogeneity and Evolution in Economics

    Guest Editors: Leonardo Bargigli and Giorgio Ricchiuti

    The papers collected in this special issue offer to the reader a representative sample of the ongoing efforts of Agent-Based ComputationalEconomics (ACE) researchers to push further the frontier of knowledge in the challenging field of economics. In the first part of these notes, we have tried to sketch the main open themes of ACE, whichprovide the necessary context for these efforts. It is hoped that all colleagues, butespecially young scholars interested in ACE, will find the contributions that is published today useful for their research.

    Special Issue on Innovation and Marketing: Contemporary Challenges

    Guest Editors: Georgios Tsekouropoulos, Christos Sarmaniotis and Evelyn Odonkor

    This Special Issue is involved in a wide range of marketing topics. Writers aim to identify issues associated with (i) vulnerability of global supply chains concerning the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis; (ii) value-added networks and frame ideas on the need to transform supply chain management through the consideration of possible uses;(iii) implementation and methodological framework related to the SCOR model which is linked to the principles of fine thinking.