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  • Resolving the Cholesterol Controversy

    The Scientists Who Proved the Lipid Hypothesis of Causation of Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease
    by Gilbert R Thompson

    An Introduction to Plasmonics

    by Olivier Pluchery & Jean-François Bryche

    Ordinary Differential Equations

    A Dynamical Point of View
    by Stephen Wiggins

    Elementary Classical Mechanics

    by Stephen Wiggins

    The Laws of Observation

    by George Jaroszkiewicz

    Quantum Communication

    The Physical Layer of Future Optical Networks
    by Mahdi Hosseini

    Spin Glass Theory and Far Beyond

    Replica Symmetry Breaking After 40 Years
    edited by Patrick Charbonneau, Enzo Marinari, Marc Mézard, Giorgio Parisi, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Gabriele Sicuro & Francesco Zamponi

    Time and Science

    In 3 Volumes
    foreword by Carlo Rovelli, edited by Rémy Lestienne & Paul A Harris

    Urban Greening Techniques

    An Introduction
    by Chun Liang Tan

    Expatriate Managers and Cross-Cultural Leadership in China

    Research and Practice in Leading and Managing Chinese Employees
    by Chin-Ju Tsai

    Russo-Ukrainian War

    Implications for the Asia Pacific
    by Steven Rosefielde

    Trends in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research

    Ecosystems, Digital Technologies and Responses to Shocks
    edited by Alexander Brem & Jin Chen

    Applications of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Catalytic Studies

    From Routine Analysis to Cutting-Edge Surface Characterization
    edited by Spyridon Zafeiratos

    Valleytronics in 2D Materials

    edited by Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Calvin Pei Yu Wong & Tong Wang

    Linear Algebra Tools for Data Mining

    2nd Edition
    by Dan A Simovici

    Lecture Notes in Risk Management

    by Yevgeny Mugerman & Yoel Hecht

    Problem Solving in Economics

    A Quantitative Approach
    by Monojit Chatterji

    Who Shall Live?

    Health, Economics and Social Choice
    3rd Edition
    by Victor R Fuchs & Karen Eggleston

    Applied Analog Electronics

    A First Course in Electronics
    by Kevin Karplus

    Industrial Ecology and Sustainability

    by Thomas E Graedel & Matthew J Eckelman

    Chromatin and Epigenetics

    An Introduction to Epigenetic Mechanisms
    by Vincenzo Pirrotta

    Analytic Methods in Number Theory

    When Complex Numbers Count
    by Wadim Zudilin

    Chaos, Information, and the Future of Physics

    The Seaman-Rössler Dialogue with Information Perspectives by Burgin and Seaman
    by William Seaman, Otto E Rössler & Mark Burgin

    Complex Function Theory

    by Takeo Fujiwara

    A Friendly Approach to Complex Analysis

    2nd Edition
    by Sara Maad Sasane & Amol Sasane

    How to Derive a Formula

    Volume 2: Further Analytical Skills and Methods for Physical Scientists
    by Alexei A Kornyshev & Dominic O'Lee

new reviews

  • Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future


    Climate Change and Energy Options for a Sustainable Future
    by Dinesh Kumar Srivastava & V S Ramamurthy

    "The authors analyse solutions offered by science and technology with a clarity that will likely surpass the expectations of non-expert readers. Following a pedagogical approach with vivid illustrations, the book offers an in-depth description of how each green-energy option could be integrated into a global-energy strategy ... They stress that any solution should not compromise quality of life or development opportunities in developing countries. This book could not be more timely. It is an invaluable resource for scientists, policymakers and educators."

    CERN Courier

    Ethics of Chemistry


    Ethics of Chemistry
    From Poison Gas to Climate Engineering
    edited by Joachim Schummer & Tom Børsen

    "Overall, this collection of case studies provides an outstanding starting point for understanding the ethics of chemistry. It is an extremely important contribution to the study of chemical ethics … Ethics of Chemistry is a key resource for educators interested in integrating ethics instruction into their chemistry curricula … an important foundation for equipping students with the moral judgement and analytical skills necessary to contend with the ethical issues they are likely to face in their professional lives."

    Nature Chemistry

    A Day at CERN


    A Day at CERN
    Guided Tour Through the Heart of Particle Physics
    by Gautier Depambour

    "This brief book offers an interesting, fun, and widely accessible first-person tour of CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The facilities at CERN include the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27-kilometer particle accelerator that straddles the border between Switzerland and France. The LHC was famously used to discover the Higgs boson, a long-sought fundamental particle. Physics historian Depambour (University of Paris) is enthusiastic about all aspects of CERN, especially its role as an agent for peace and international cooperation..."


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Featured Special Issues

  • Open Access
    Special Issue on Neurophotonics

    Guest Editors: Sergio Fantini, Ling Fu, and Sabrina Brigadoi

    This special issue, which includes seven research articles, aims to highlight recent advances in the development of neurophotonic techniques and their applications in biological discovery, disease diagnosis, and treatment. This special issue was also prepared to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics.

    Special Issue on Economics of Water Technology Diffusion and Policy Uncertainties

    Guest Editor: Zhanhong Wan

    This special issue weaves together a rich tapestry of cutting-edge research, shedding light on the intricate landscape of water resource management, economic development, and the critical policy implications that emerge from these studies. These papers, like threads in a complex fabric, converge to reveal overarching themes and fresh perspectives, providing vital guidance for policymakers grappling with the challenges that define the global landscape of water technology diffusion.

    Special Issue on “Reviews & Essays”

    Guest Editors: Nicola Bellomo and Franco Brezzi

    This editorial is dedicated to presenting the papers published in a special issue focused on modeling, qualitative analysis and simulation of the collective dynamics of systems in engineering and life sciences. All papers have a minor or major reference to living, i.e. complex systems, and a critical analysis of the overall content of the issue is proposed, leading to a forward look at research perspectives.