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  • Brain Fever
    Brain Fever

    How Vaccines Prevent Meningitis and Other Killer Diseases
    by Richard Moxon
    Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions
    Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions

    2nd Edition
    by Kirill A Bronnikov & Sergey G Rubin
    Classical Mechanics
    Classical Mechanics

    Lecture Notes
    by Helmut Haberzettl
    Understanding Gravity
    Understanding Gravity

    The Generation Model Approach
    by Brian Albert Robson
    Deep Learning for Physics Research
    Deep Learning for Physics Research

    by Martin Erdmann, Jonas Glombitza, Gregor Kasieczka & Uwe Klemradt
    Religion and Identity Politics
    Religion and Identity Politics

    Global Trends and Local Realities
    edited by Mathews Mathew & Melvin Tay
    The Ninth Revolution
    The Ninth Revolution

    Transforming Food Systems for Good
    by Sayed Nader Azam-Ali
    Crossroads of Family Businesses in China
    Crossroads of Family Businesses in China

    Succession and Transformation
    by Jean Lee & Yan Anthea Zhang, Translated by: Jun He

    Rethinking Our World and Creating a Different Future
    by Philipp Kristian Diekhöner
    Cyber Security and Supply Chain Management
    Cyber Security and Supply Chain Management

    Risks, Challenges, and Solutions
    edited by Steven Carnovale & Sengun Yeniyurt
    Biochemical Sensors
    Biochemical Sensors

    (In 2 Volumes)
    edited by Huangxian Ju & Jinghong Li
    Chromatographic and Related Separation Techniques in Food Integrity and Authenticity
    Chromatographic and Related Separation Techniques in Food Integrity and Authenticity

    (In 2 Volumes)
    edited by Oscar Núñez & Guillem Campmajó
    The Asian Monetary Policy Forum
    The Asian Monetary Policy Forum

    Insights for Central Banking
    edited by Steven J Davis, Edward S Robinson & Bernard Yeung
    Headland-Bay Beaches
    Headland-Bay Beaches

    Static Equilibrium Concept for Shoreline Management
    by John R C Hsu, Jung L Lee, Antonio H F Klein, Mauricio González & Raúl Medina
    Electricity: Humanity's Low-carbon Future
    Electricity: Humanity's Low-carbon Future

    Safeguarding Our Ecological Niche
    by Hans B (Teddy) Püttgen & Yves Bamberger

new reviews

  • The Planetary Atom


    The Planetary Atom
    A Fictional Account of George Adolphus Schott the Forgotten Physicist
    by Jean-Patrick Connerade, Chaunes

    "I read The Planetary Atom with great interest. Of course, we are all aware of the major contributions made by legendary researchers such as Ernest Rutherford, who first set up the model known as 'the planetary atom'. But I knew nothing of the much more discrete figure of George Adolphus Schott. I was impressed, on reading this book, to discover the significance and conceptual depth of his work."

    Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
    Nobel Laureate in Physics
    Collège de France, Paris

    The Periodic Table


    The Periodic Table
    Past, Present, and Future
    by Geoff Rayner-Canham

    "Many questions are dealt with in a clearly written way in this stimulating and innovative book. The reader will quickly become interested in the subject and will be taken on tour through this Periodic Table in a very readable way, both for students and teachers … The number of illustrations is good, and clear. This book is indeed unique and quite thought-provoking … This book is highly recommended for students, teachers, researchers and not only chemists! Geologists, biochemist and also physicists will find it very interesting to read." [Read Full Review]

    Chemistry International

    Has Asia Lost It


    Has Asia Lost It?
    Dynamic Past, Turbulent Future
    by Vasuki Shastry

    "Shastry's polemic cites extensive research from experts and exploits the author's knowledge of Asia and his connections to the region's elite, with whom he rubs shoulders at Davos and other summits. What shows through in the book though is Shastry's compassion for the continent's ordinary people."

    IMF F&D Magazine

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Featured Special Issues

  • IJITM Special Issue on Digital Innovation Management

    Guest Editors: Andreas Pinkwart, Jörn Block, Dorian Proksch and Christian Fisch

    The digital transformation leads to strong changes in the business world. Digital business models disrupt well-established industries and the emergence of digitized business processes transforms value creation. The importance of the topic will increase due to the Covid-19 pandemic. An increasing demand for home-office or the implementation of measures of physical distancing now requires companies to organize their processes in a digital way. Digitization offers several opportunities for an improvement of innovation management processes, which constitutes the focus of this special issue.

    International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Special Issue on Advanced Software Service Engineering

    Guest Editors: Zhongjie Wang, Zhuofeng Zhao and Guobing Zou

    Service systems are complex socio-technological systems that combine people,physical facilities and software together to offer various types of bus iness services to end users. This special issue is for the scientific and industrial community to present their novel methodologies, techniques, and solutions which can address theoretical and practical issues. It is worth mentioning that the submissions are the selected papers with high quality which have been reported at the CCF 13th International Conference on Service Science (ICSS 2020). These selected papers are seriously improved with substantial extensions and recommended to this special issue.

    Functional Materials Letters Topical Issue: Solid-State Electrolytes and Solid-State Batteries for Next-Generation Energy Storage

    Guest Editors: Hiroki Nagai and Shufeng Song

    The all-solid-state battery is the “ultimate battery”. It is because there is a possibility to solve the defects of lithium ion secondary batteries used in personal computers and smart-phones. To address the most state-of-the-art progress in the solid-state electrolytes and solid-state batteries, we organized a Topical Issue on “Solid-State Electrolytes and Solid-State Batteries for Next-Generation Energy Storage”. This issue consists of a number of brief reviews and original papers.